17 abril, 2007

¡Qué vergüenza!

Ode to arousal

To be horny is not a sin
there is no sense in trying to keep your mind clean.
To remain horny is a disturbance
that vanishes getting into balance
all the hormons in your body
you may not want to get it bloody.

Other solution is trying to get layed
if you do not have a girlfriend you'll solve it easy if you pay.

In any case
try not to fall in a brain mess
'cause soon you will be horny again
it doesn't matter how much pleasure you've already gain.
So instead of spending energy in this thing
be clever and take a cold shower while you sing
this rap I have created
when I was horny and far from my soul-mate.

7 comentarios:

Lucy in the Sky dijo...

hahaha good alternative for a cold shower, writing a rap poem on hornyness... Excellent!

Don físico dijo...

lucy in the sky
may I tell you an advice
it is better to write a poem on hornyness
than for desire become madness.

I didn't want to be acused of an unfaithfull behaving
so on rhymes I sublimated my longing.

Klaudia Gantús dijo...


acabas de ganarte mis bendiciones
The Satanik bless you, don!!
escribí una canción que se llama horny monkeys, ya te la pasaré :P
sabias palabras de contención moral JAJAJJAJAJJAJAJAJ



Don físico dijo...

klaudia gantus: Creo que sigo así quien me va a bendecir es el papa (por lo abstinente), aunque despues yo lo mande a estudiar teología, jajajaja.
Espero pronto vuelvas a conectarte y me pases esa canción tuya que apuesto que debe ser divertida.

Ary dijo...

If you think that fuck is funny
fuck yourself and save de money.

Traducción española:

Si tu piensas que follar es divertido
haste la puñeta y guarda el contenido.

Don físico dijo...

Ary: I think that the correct word/expression for giving yourself sexual pleasure is "masturbation" or the
slang word "wank". Nevertheless is a good advice.

LaPaKa dijo...

Oh fuck!